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About Us

ODF Fitness Productions was founded by Todd Rogers also known as Doc. Todd was a weight loss specialist that fell in love with the sport of Bodybuilding. The brand started as Team ODF which was created and designed to be a support system for athletes who wanted to compete in competitive Bodybuilding. The team at one time had over 40 members and produced 8 professional athletes with numerous champions.

Fitness Is for Everyone

In 2015 the brand took on a new identity when Todd decided to start promoting Fitness events. His first ever Bodybuilding show was the Poseidon Classic Pro/Am which he promoted successfully from 2015-2018. He then promoted the first ever stand alone Drug-Free show sanctioned by the Global Bodybuilding Organization, the Legacy Classic Pro/Am in 2018, which laid the ground work for the organization's tested division GBO Naturals. Other events were the 2018 Lupus Fit & Fashion Show, the 2020 Diva Texas San Antonio and the 2021 Diva Houston.


Current Bodybuilding Shows

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